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We connect the dots.

The purpose of the LEO Science & Tech Hub is to connect the dots to identify future treatments for human diseases with unmet medical needs. Our remit is to spearhead innovation by identifying exciting research & development (R&D) opportunities in order to mature them together with top-tier partners. The Hub has access to unique capabilities that enable us to take on opportunities (assets and technologies) obtained by collaboration or in-licensing as well as through divestment of existing LEO Assets outside dermatology and mature them towards the market. We offer innovative, flexible co-funding models that are backed by LEO Venture. In our daily work, we follow a flexible and scalable working model that allows us to mature several assets in parallel.

Doing great things together

We’ed be excited to discuss any idea, early concept, or already advanced opportuniy that could help us in realizing our ambition to improve the quality of life of patients with skin disease.


Why engage with us?

  • We are open to listen to any ideas and suggestions that improve patient care.
  • We are able to accelerate your innovative ideas from the earliest stage up to commercialization (clinical use).
  • We collaborate for the very purpose of advancing science. All our collaborations are based on mutual trust and transparency.
  • We offer flexible co-funding model that are tailored to your needs.
  • With our expertise and the support of the global LEO dermatology network, we can help our collaborators to e.g. validate novel diagnostic tools that supports treatment decision.

Research Areas

Non-invasive biomarker technologies

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Imagining technologies

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Deep learning / AI

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