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The hope of precision medicine is to optimize treatment and prevention of disease by taking into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person. At the LEO Science & Tech Hub, we believe the most important aspect of precision medicine is for patients to reap better benefits from the healthcare options that are already available today.

Looking at the journey of people suffering from a skin condition, the first barrier to optimal treatment is a rapid and correct diagnosis. We want to develop novel technologies that will make the diagnosis of skin disease more accessible to a wider population.

The LEO Science & Tech Hub has chosen its research areas in a way that helps us to co-create new technologies, data streams and analytics than can make precision medicine within dermatology tangible.

The second barrier to overcome is to identify the optimal treatment for each individual patient. Currently, it can take up to several years for a patient to get the right treatment plan. We want to increase our understanding of individual disease profiles and reduce the number of failed treatment options for patients.

Finally, adherence to treatment is a major barrier – chronic skin conditions usually require chronic treatment and adhering to a treatment plan can be quite challenging. We believe connecting mobile technologies with a patient-centric care platform can provide the right support for patients to stay adherent and receive better outcomes. We are working with our colleagues from LEO Pharma, the LEO Innovation Lab, and thought leaders around the globe to connect the different dots needed for us to improve the lives of people with skin conditions.

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Non-invasive biomarker technologies

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Imagining technologies

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Deep learning / AI

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