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Recently, deep learning has shown favorable results in complex areas of machine learning, such as image, text and speech analysis. We are interested in exploring how deep learning can be successfully applied within the more data sparse areas of drug discovery. Potential applications could be on linking chemical and biological space, to guide medicinal chemistry in the design of new small molecules with particular biological mechanisms, using deep learning to give advice on treatment and disease progression, or to integrate multiple sources of evidence in a principal manner.

We are looking to engage with partners experienced with deep learning and cognitive computing to discuss how we can further advance our understanding of human disease, and impact drug discovery using novel data-driven approaches. Depending on the maturity of the technology and the partner’s needs, we are able to offer various means of support like e.g. venture investment, co-development, and access to LEO Pharma’s drug development expertise. Moreover, we can provide access to LEO Innovation Lab, our center for digital solutions focusing on patient services.

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We want to engage with partners that can help us to develop innovative non-invasive and/or minimally invasive alternatives to skin biopsies. If you think your work could be relevant for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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