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In skin diseases the organ of interest is readily available for enquiry. Be it for patients to better monitor disease, potentially forecasting disease trajectory, or for researchers to gain insights into drug mechanisms, penetration or measure biological effects of treatment on the cellular composition. We believe image technologies are key to advance our understanding of disease – either by massive use of smartphone cameras to understand burden of disease in large cohorts, or utilizing advanced imaging technologies such as photo-acoustic imaging to gain a holistic representation of the diseased tissue.

For this reason we want to engage with partners experienced in using imaging technologies in patient guidance, clinical decision support and basic drug discovery research. We’re interested in discussing any technology from early concepts to marketed devices. Depending on the maturity of the technology and the partner’s needs, we are able to offer various means of support like e.g. venture investment, co-development, access to LEO Pharma’s preclinical and clinical expertise as well as – through LEO Pharma’s  Centers of Research Excellence (CoRE) – our global network of clinicians and dermatology key opinion leaders.

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