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Clinical efficacy evaluation of therapeutics for skin disease like e.g. psoriasis or atopic dermatitis (AD) is currently strongly relying on visual assessments and biomarker analysis in patient tissue. Unfortunately, both approaches have significant disadvantages. The visual assessments underlying clinical scores like the PASI in psoriasis or EASI in AD are subjective measures and thus carry the risk of intra- as well as inter-observer variability. While biomarker analysis based on e.g. expression of inflammatory cytokines in diseased skin areas offers a more objective quantitative measure its dependence on surgical biopsies limits its real-life use to clinical trials and very few time points, respectively.

For this reason, we want to engage with partners that can help us to create valid and reliable alternatives to skin biopsies in order to accelerate disease understanding, support clinical research and take the first step towards personalized medicine in dermatology. We’re interested in discussing anything from early concepts with limited supporting data up to ready-to-launch or already marketed devices. Depending on the maturity of the technology and the partner’s needs, we are able to offer various means of support like e.g. venture investment, co-development, access to LEO Pharma’s preclinical and clinical expertise as well as – through LEO Pharma’s  Centers of Research Excellence (CoRE) – our global network of clinicians and dermatology key opinion leaders.

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We want to engage with partners that can help us to develop innovative non-invasive and/or minimally invasive alternatives to skin biopsies. If you think your work could be relevant for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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